Journalism old, journalism new, journalism you.

While continuing to assess how this blog will manifest in its next stage, some of you have graciously asked about old interviews from my previous arts journalism site, the original ThenItMustBeTrue, or TIMBT as it was known.
Thanks to the precociousness of the Web and the passion of those individuals who see the importance in archiving what is otherwise taken as a very ephemeral media, you can find everything that was once on TIMBT here at the Wayback Machine.

From talks with Oscar-winning composers and filmmakers to many, many chats with bands on the phone from aeroplanes or by sunlit hotel-top swimming pools and the like, we all had so much fun and such great connections discussing how art is made and just how much it matters.

Thus, the old is new again, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, which in this case takes the form of a digital scrapbook and in essence contradicts the meaning of modern, but I'm always one to cheer on contradiction.

Now back to reporting on a good many things going on in the world, most specifically in my hometown corner of the U.S.-Mexico border, where liminal space allows for all kinds of creation that defies logic and odds. No wonder I gravitated to arts, and to telling the stories of artists.

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