Breaking the Color Barrier via Basketball

48 years ago today, my hometown university's male basketball team won the top college trophy after starting five African American players in a courageous move that obliterated the color barrier in American college sports.

The sweet story of a coach who just wanted to play good 'ball, the kids who believed in themselves despite frightening odds, and the history they all made together is precious to El Paso, Texas, and in 2004 it was entrusted to Walt Disney Pictures and Bruckheimer Films.

Here's my report for the El Paso Times (on behalf of the University of Texas at El Paso) on what those who participated in the film Glory Road—from a 12-year-old African American kid who auditioned on a whim to veteran actor Josh Lucas—remember about being a part of bringing history to the big screen.

(There were many, many more wonderful interviews and memories that had to be sacrificed due to space constraints; I hope I can to make it up to those individuals someday with a lengthier, richer piece.)

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