Interview: Filmmakers Sam Chou, Alix Lambert, and Joe Loya premiere at TIFF 2013

The 2013 Toronto Film Festival selected "Crime: Joe Loya - The Beirut Bandit" for their program, giving it the distinction of being the shortest film to play this year's festival. The quick-yet-powerful film is part of Sam Chou and Alix Lambert's "Crime: The Animated Series" six-pack of tales depicting real-life encounters with criminality with a graphic novel-like flair.
The series was produced with the help of MOCAtv and hopes to expand with longer features in order to get these thought-provoking stories out to wider audiences.

Joe has been a good friend since we met more than a decade ago thanks to the Sundance Arts Fellows program. I've witnessed him tell his story in a variety of ways - one-man shows, educational presentations, feature film brainstorms - and have read his autobiography and essays. I'm happy to get the word out about yet another means for people to connect with his compelling life.

In advance of the trio's TIFF 2013 debut, I was given the opportunity to speak with Sam, Alix, and Joe via the enduring miracle of party line (or conference call if you wanna get fancy). The resulting piece was featured on Filmmaker Magazine's website. Read it here.

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