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Iconic vocalist Peter Murphy is back on tour and headed to my hometown of El Paso, Texas, very soon. It prompted me to share an interview I did with him a few years back that reminds me of what a showman he is both on and off the stage.

After re-reading it myself, one point in the conversation stood out.

You made a comment during the second House of Blues Los Angeles show about how you're "losing money anyway" - do you think you're doing everything the way you want to at this point in your career, in terms of making and marketing your music, or is an artist of even your stature still crippled by The Industry and its mechanisms, formalities and money-grubbing? What sort of grassroots stuff would you rather do to promote your work, instead of going through the same old routines?
I will never stop touring if I can help it, because performance is as important as composing/recording.
Marketing is EVERYTHING. I haven't had that luxury. Though this will not affect my output.
GREAT MANAGEMENT is VERY important. I think I may have cracked that one. We'll see. My ethic is: "Me make music, you sell. Me not retail seller, me fly higher than all fast cars and invisible birds. Me no prophet, just messenger. You please tell the nice people at the nice radio stations that there is some never-before-heard type music very nice (top top nice) performer called Peter Murphy who your listener would like to hear, and tell them that you sure about that. You tell nice people who release my nice music to trust in nice music of Peter and not worry too much about instant zillion records. Nice Peter music can sell zillions if you just concentrate a bit" etc….
Artiste's should never manger or produce themselves alone.

Realizing how many years ago this interview took place, it is encouraging to see that Peter has continuously created and disseminated material despite the odds - time being one of them.

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